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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

 It's a 3kg monster lobster!


Look at the size of those claws!

Hi all,
It's been a few years (OMG!) since I last posted, a thousand apologies, it was all work related.
Anyway, here is my latest food adventure. Gotta try this at least once in my life ma...

A giant lobster feast! A granddaddy of a lobster from Canada, weighing in at 3kg, it's a big one!
Location map in the link above.

Verdict: It was absolutely delicious, worth trying at least once in your life, no regrets.

Tips: Order in advance, and bring a heavy-duty kitchen scissors to cut thru the shell. It's easier to eat that way.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sibu food = Super good food !

Hi, after  coming back from Sibu, had to lose a kg , pants can't fit properly already! Haha! Sibu food is good food indeed! No doubt about that, so those of you who have not been to Sibu, please make a trip there just to try out the food there. It's different from West Malaysian food, yet very Chinese, to be exact it's FooChow food. So here we go...

 This is a glass of cold HORLICKS GODZILLA. Something I have not tried before. You bet it's good!
 Kompia with curry chicken. They go very well together. Kompia is like a flattish bun or bagel.
 This is kompia with pork belly... Heavenly, I tell you... Must try, don't just take my word for it.
 Here's the kompia set menu.
 Here's Sibu's central market, the biggest in East Malaysia. Amazing place, a must visit!
 Sunset view of Sungei Rejang from Kingwood Hotel, the longest river in Malaysia, deep enough for ships even.
 At the Payung Cafe, behind Kingwood Hotel, we tried this Sarawak Rojak. Instead of fruits rojak, it was vegetable rojak, unique, nice, interesting..
 This is their famed mushroom roll.
 Equally good & famous here is their Belimbing Prawns.
Forgot the name of this dish above but it's chicken and it was good too.
 Payung's signature dish: Otak-otak, the otak-otak was cooked Payung style, it's out of this world!
 Ice-cream of the day, hand-made available for that day only. Sarawak durian ice-cream. Dream la..
 Ice-cream with banana cake for dessert. Yummy!
 This was also one of their signature creations.
 At Sibu's night market, we found cheap beer!! The container on far left has rm2 beer and the container in the center has rm2.50 beer! Of course, we had to have some nice cold beer to go with some freshly steamed dimsum... Hehehe!
 Back at the central market, we saw these fat squiggly SAGO WORMS, wanted to try 1 cos I heard they were creamy in taste, but the way they moved like maggots really put me off!
 This is buah tarap. From the nengka family. Can't be found in west Malaysia.
 Sarawak's wild durian.
 Here's the central market again, as far as the eye can see..
 At this run-down looking restaurant, we had the best udang galah noodles, foochow style!
 Udang galah or freshwater prawns in soup with foochow noodles. RM25.. worth the price!
 Fried foochow noodles with udang galah, RM25, I'll go again, no problem! Very nice indeed..
 At this unassuming Ruby restaurant, we had a good dinner indeed.
 Vegetables fried with egg...
 Pandan chicken...
 Fried foochow mee suah...

 Butterscotch  prawns..
 Midin with sambal belacan...
 Venison with ginger...
 Sea cucumber soup... We finished it all. Verdict? Must come again.. haha!
 Breakfast behind Kingwood Hotel, kueh chap...
 Kueh chap is the soft flattish noodle very much like koay teow, but large cut, about 2" squares..
 This is where we ate the kueh chap & best kampua mee. Location is behind Kingwood Hotel.
 This is a another foochow noodle in sourish spicy soup at Uncle Bakery opposite Sibu bus terminal.
 This is what we came for: Foochow red wine with chicken soup & mee suah. YUMMY!!
 A little extra space for this: Hokkaido cup cakes!
 This is the spot where Sibu started, when the 1st Foochows landed here at this place they called red river!
 Lastly, Sibu's beef noodles..
We were too full already.. haha! Just eat only.. no consequences ha!
 As a souvenir to take home, we had to have this RM32/kg best coffee in Sibu. When we reached LCCT, the moment we opened the overhead luggage compartment, the whole plane had coffee smell. Haha! The smell was super...
 Next day, for breakfast, we had a Sibu breakfast in KL! Haha! Sibu kompia with Sibu daging masak hitam & Sibu's best coffee! Thank you so much to STP & his wife for bringing us around Sibu. We arrived as slim strangers in paradise & left with bigger waist lines, but don't worry , we won't think twice about coming back to Sibu for a 2nd visit, Sibu's all right! Sibu is worth returning for a next food tour. Yeah!! So when is Air Asia having a sale again??

Oh, we left out a picture of Sibu's kampua noodles, so this is what it looks like. I assure you, it tastes very good, you have to be there to try it! Cheers!!!